How to download the game?

You need to seek out a reputable store from which to shop for games. Luckily for you, we've one. The Epic Games Store may be a digital distribution platform that permits you to download games to your PC via the Epic Games Launcher.

how to become a team member?

Good team members don’t sit back and play a passive role within the team. Rather, they're active members who are regularly involved within the team’s activities and decisions. Don’t take a backseat when a part of a team—contribute your thoughts and opinions and work to create relationships.

what is the match process?

The Match process may be a uniform system by which residency candidates and residency programs simultaneously “match” to fill first-year and second-year post-graduate training positions accredited

how many players can join a match?

The number of players which will join your game varies supported your account type, sort of usage, and subscription.

Is there any age restrictions?

We do not have such restrictions.

Is there any reward for winners?

No awards are provided. The game is purely entertaining!

is there any match fee?

No, the games are completely free. The game is entertaining!

when next match will start?

As soon as the required number of players is reached, then the match will begin!